Benefits of Child’s Pose

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Child’s pose, since I began practicing yoga, has been one of my favorite poses. It is very simple to do and it feels amazing! Not to mention all the great benefits you receive from practicing this pose. Here are my favorite benefits of doing child’s pose.

  • Child’s pose is a very calming asana to come to. During times of stress, anxiety, and depression it helps to slow down the mind. Coming into this pose will help to ease the swirl of thoughts that are racing around your mind. In addition, this pose relieves fatigue (1) after a long day. Coming into child’s pose will give you some much needed release from mental tension whether you are preparing for your next task or getting ready for a restful night’s sleep.
  • This pose is one of my favorites to stretch out my back. Child’s pose helps to elongate the spine after a long day spent sitting or standing. In these positions your spine compresses, and this pose is great to help get back some of the length you lost during the day. If the compression on your spine has also led to back or neck pain, child’s pose is a great asana to help relieve this pain (1).
  • In addition to stretching your back, child’s pose also helps to stretch out your hips (2). After sitting for a long day with your hips compressed they begin to tighten up uncomfortably. Child’s pose, particularly extended child’s pose, gives a good stretch through the hips elongating them to counteract the harmful effects of so much sitting.
  • If you are practicing flow classes or routines, child’s pose is a great resting posture. On those days when your arms are extra sore or your energy isn’t at 100% this is a great pose to come into to catch your breath before getting back into the flow. It will help to calm your breath and heart rate so you are ready to jump into the next vinyasa with your best effort.

Why do you love child’s pose?

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