Tips on Cutting Processed Sugar from Your Diet

A few weeks ago I decided to start cutting processed sugar from my diet. It has been a slight challenge since almost all my guilty pleasure foods are sweets (hello donuts and cookies!) but I feel like I have made significant improvement in cleaning up my diet. Here are a few tips I have for anyone looking to make this transition.

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  • Decide how much sugar you want to cut. We can all go into new workout routines or diets with slightly unrealistic expectations. I went into this with the idea that I would not eat any sugar again for the period of time I wanted to keep this dietary change. However, this was unrealistic for me as I absolutely love sweets! Cutting things out of my diet that I love has never made sense for me, so I adjusted to eating minimal sugary sweets, 1-2 a week. Knowing what you want out of the dietary change and how much you are willing/able to change is always very important before starting.
  • Read labels closely. The best way to make sure you are cutting the most added sugar from your diet is to read the labels of what you are buying closely. Sugar is hiding in many things and in many forms. Common names for sugar on an ingredients list are sugar, corn syrup, sucrose, and high fructose syrup.
  • Follow new blogs for ideas. There are so many good resources on the internet for sugar-free and natural recipes. Many people think that cutting sugar means you will never eat a dessert again. That’s not true! Find a few sources of inspiration and try making some recipes. You will find that there are so many ways to make delicious sweet treats or substitute healthy options that aren’t sugary that you won’t even miss sugar when it is gone!
  • Accept that you won’t be able to cut out all sugar. Sugar is in so many things, it is incredibly difficult to cut processed sugar out entirely. Don’t beat yourself up if the sauce you bought has some sugar in it. Allow yourself room to be reasonable for both your lifestyle and your budget in how you approach cutting out sugar. Not everyone has the time and resources to make everything they eat from scratch, and that’s okay! Once you accept that you will still have some sources of added sugar in your diet, any guilt or bad feelings you may have will disappear.

What types of things have you cut out from your diet? What tips do you have about changing your diet?

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