Yoga for Your Menstrual Cycle

During my period, and I’m sure a lot of you feel similarly, getting up and exercising is the last thing on my to-do list. All I seem to want to do is lay in my bed with mounds of sweets and watch Netflix until the week is over. However, that is not a reasonable expectation of how I can spend 1 whole week each month. Below are 5 simple poses that  can help to relieve some of the side effects that come with your menstrual cycle so you have more energy to get on with your day!


Plow pose. This pose has quickly become one of my favorite poses to do while on my period. This pose gives your entire back a nice stretch, lengthening out all the vertebrae and relieving the tension that can build in your lower back during the time of the month. Stay in the pose for a few deep breaths before gently unwinding.

0221161629Forward fold. Any variation of forward fold is going to be very restorative during your menstrual cycle. Stretching out your legs, hips, and back will bring relief to a tense lower body. In addition, this pose give your internal organs a good massage (1) to help relieve any discomfort.


Bound angle. This pose is another one of my favorite poses to do during my period. This pose opens the hips which can tense up a lot during your cycle. In addition, bound angle pose can help relieve mild depression and anxiety (2). Spend a few deep breaths in this pose if your emotions start getting out of hand or your body feels extra tense.


Spinal twists. Twists feel amazing all the time, but especially so during your period. Try a variation with both your knees falling to each side at the same time to lengthen and deepen the stretch in your lower back and massage your internal organs (3).


Legs up the wall. Finally, my absolute favorite pose during my cycle is legs up the wall. This pose relieves so much tension in your legs and hips, relieves backaches (4) and is incredibly calming for the mind. If you crawl out of bed for just 1 pose to help relieve your pain and tension, make it this one!

Let me know if you try the poses and how they work for you!

What are your favorite yoga poses to help relieve menstrual cycle side effects?

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