How to Keep a Yoga Journal

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Last week I wrote about keeping a nutrition journal. This week I want to write about the other type of journal I keep, my personal yoga journal. This journal can encompass a lot; in mine I write about my daily physical yoga practice, my meditation practice, and any daily rituals I have. Really anything you consider part of your yoga practice is perfect to document! Here are the reasons why you should start keeping a yoga journal.

  1. A journal can help to show you how you felt before and after your practice. You can see how your practice is affecting your energy levels, the condition of any problem areas you might have, your mental state, etc. We all know that yoga has a big effect on our lives, but it is nice to see the changes documented day to day!
  2. Journaling about your practice helps to work through any emotions that were brought up. Did you get into a pose and have an intense emotion brought up? Did all your stress about a situation leave your mind after meditating? These are nice things to know for future emotional times and to track what is going on in your body and mind.
  3. Writing about your practice can help you find ways to improve your practice. If you find a pose that really gives you an energy boost in the morning, write it down so you remember. If there is a specific pose that helps calm you down in a stressful moment, write it down! Have you found the time that works best for you to practice? Guess what, write that down! You will constantly be discovering new things about your practice and it is helpful to have a place to document the things that work best for you.
  4. Journaling is a great way to record your progress. Celebrate the times that you nail a new pose or sit down to meditate for the longest time yet. Writing down your achievements will give you a boost for the day and remind you of how amazing you are!

If you are new to journaling or yoga and don’t know exactly what you should write, here are some tips.

  • Write down when and where you practiced and if it seemed like a good time for you
  • Write down how long you practiced
  • Write down any problems areas or poses you ran into while practicing
  • Write down any emotions that were brought up or cleared up during your practice
  • Write down how you felt before and after practicing
  • Write down what was on your mind during meditation
  • Write down anything you want to work on
  • Write down any breakthroughs you had

Keeping a journal about my practice has helped me expand in so many ways. I hope you enjoy it as well!

Do you journal? What is in your yoga journal?

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