3 Things I Have Learned from Yoga

Yoga is a constant journey. I find that the more I practice the more I learn, both about yoga in general and about myself. As I think about everything this practice has taught me 3 things really stand out.


  1. Be present. We spend so much time each day working and running about. This means that our minds are always running; we don’t have much time to unwind and be still. Spending even just 20 minutes practicing physical yoga or meditation each day can give us all some much needed quiet time and stillness during our day. I have found that if I focus wholly on my practice I won’t be thinking about problems at work, my to-do list, or what I want to make for dinner later. I am merely there, practicing and finding a little bit of quietness in my busy life. When I do this I find I am much more calm and happy after a long day or before a busy day starts.
  2. Always try again. No matter how many times I fall over during my practice, fail to do a pose that I want to try for the first time, or can’t concentrate during meditation I have learned from my practice to just keep trying. Yoga is a constant journey filled with ups and downs. If we view life in the same way we will always keep trying, even after a defeat, the same way we do in our practice.
  3. Acceptance. Spending so much time finding stillness in myself has led to a deep acceptance of myself, with others, and with where I am in life. Life may not be perfect, but it is easier to see and accept that I will get to where I am supposed to go. My practice has helped me see that the things that we didn’t expect, that upset us, or make us mad can all teach us new things. If we learn to accept how things are now we will be able to move past any difficulties with much more ease.

My journey in yoga is far from over, I know I have so much more to learn. What have you learned from your practice?

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