Smoothie Ingredients for an Immune System Boost

The transition between seasons is a prime time for us to fall sick. In order to prevent sickness as much as possible, here are a few ingredients you can add to your smoothies to help give your immune system a natural boost!


Yogurt contains probiotics,  which are healthy bacteria that help keep the gut and intestinal track free of germs (1). Adding some yogurt to your smoothie will be an instant boost for your immune system.


Oats contain beta-glucan, a type of fiber that is used by almost every cell in the body. Cells grab onto this fiber which in turn makes your white blood cells more active. These cells then eat up all the viruses and bacteria in your body (2). In addition, oats contain selenium and zinc. Both of these nutrients help ward off infections in our bodies (3).


Berries are packed with vitamin C and E (4) both great vitamins to help keep your immune system strong. The vitamin C in berries helps to stimulate white blood cells (5) which then help get rid of infection in the body. Mixing in various berries to your smoothie will give it a sweet taste and help keep your immune system strong.


Ginger has a chemical called sesquiterpenes which target the most common form of cold viruses, rhinoviruses (8). This superfood is a natural ibuprofen, immune booster, and anti-inflammatory all in one (9). Whether you want to prevent getting sick or make yourself feel better while you are sick ginger is a great addition to any smoothie.


Citrus fruits are extremely high in vitamin C (6) and will boost for immune system before and during sickness. Like in berries, the vitamin C in citrus boosts the white blood cell activity (7) which is essential to fighting infection. Squeeze the juice of a citrus fruit into your smoothie for an instant boost to your immune system.

What do you do to give your immune system a boost?


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