5 Poses to Energize in the Morning

Morning is my favorite time to practice yoga. I love waking up and getting the day started by stretching out and waking up every cell in my body. Here are 5 of the poses that I always incorporate into my morning routine to start my day off right!


Cat/Cow Flows. Flowing between cat and cow poses is a great way to stretch out your whole spine. In addition to your spine, it also stretches out your front torso and neck (4 and 5). Both these poses massage your spine and belly (1 and 2) while also improving your balance and posture (3).


Standing Forward Fold. This pose is a great way to stretch out your hamstrings, calves, and hips (6) while also strengthening the thighs and knees (7). Folding forward created compression on your abdomen which improves digestion for the day ahead (6).


Warrior Poses. Warrior I pose stretches out your chest, lungs, shoulders, neck, belly, and groin (8) while also strengthening your shoulders, arms, thighs, ankles, and back (9). Warrior II pose, in addition to the benefits gained with Warrior I pose, also stimulates your abdominal organs (10) and relieves backaches (11).


Standing Wide Legged Forward Fold. This pose both strengthens and stretches your legs and back (12) while decompressingĀ the spine (16). Additionally, this pose increases circulation to the brain (13) helping to wake your mind up and make you feel more alert.


Spinal Twists. My favorite spinal twists are reclined, but I also love incorporating seating twists into my practice as well. Twists improve digestive function (14), stretch the hips, chest, shoulders, and back (15) which helps to prepare your spine for a day of moving about.

What poses help you gain energy in the mornings?


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