How to Create an Obtainable Health Routine

I think the hardest part of living a healthy lifestyle is creating a good routine for yourself. Too often we make resolutions to implement drastic changes in our lives which don’t stick. Knowing how to create a routine that works for you and your daily life is key to getting your changes to stick. Here are some of my tips on how to make your routine.

Fitness woman runner relaxing after city running

  1. Set reasonable goals. All health goals are good goals. However, when you are setting your goals make sure they are realistic. If you want to set yourself a time frame make sure it is something you can achieve in your schedule. Taking the time to get to yoga classes, go to the gym, or exercise in your home will take planning. Make sure you are accounting for the time you have when you set your goals.
  2. Make a schedule. Exercising and eating healthy take more effort and planning than getting fast food and turning on a Netflix show. To make this easier on yourself take the time to make a schedule for yourself. Look at your schedule for the week and pencil in time at the gym or a yoga class. When you have days off find a recipe or two to make in bulk that you can eat during the week. Taking the time to plan ahead of time will make reaching your goals much easier and less stressful.
  3. Find a buddy. Deciding to become healthier by yourself is impressive! However, it is much easier if you have a friend to help you along. Find one or a few people in your life that you can rely on. Maybe it is someone you can take some classes with so you are held accountable. Maybe the person doesn’t live by you so you share progress updates over the phone or email each week. Whoever it is, find someone who will motivate you and congratulate you when you start seeing progress!
  4. Don’t wear yourself down. We all want to see progress immediately. However, make sure you are setting yourself enough time for rest and recovery. Don’t skimp on your rest days and make sure you are getting enough sleep. If you are rushing to the gym at 10 P.M. before you try to get some sleep, maybe you should just reschedule. You will have more energy overall and you will give more to your health routine if you feel 100% each day.
  5. Have fun! As always, creating and maintaining a healthy routine should be fun. Treat yourself with new yoga pants every once in a while. If your hair is long find new ways to do your hair before you hit the gym. Try out new classes that will expand your workouts and challenge you. Find fun recipes online that use basic ingredients in a fun way. If you have fun with your health routine you will be more motivated and will reach your goals much quicker!

What do you do to help create your daily routine?


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