3 Breakfasts to Kick-start Your Day

Breakfast, like your parents always told you, is the most important meal of the day. It kick-starts your metabolism and gets your body ready for the day ahead. Below are 3 breakfasts I love to help you start your day out healthily.


  1. Smoothies. I love having smoothies as my breakfast. This is a perfect way to get a good helping of fruits and vegetables right away in your morning. It’s light but filling, so you won’t feel like you are weighing yourself down before you start a busy day. This is especially helpful if you ate a heavy meal the night before and wake up still feeling slightly full!


2. Dates with almond butter. This is my newest breakfast obsession! Sweet and savory, this one has it all. Like smoothies it is light so you won’t feel tired and heavy after eating it. It’s also super energizing, so it’s great for mornings when you need to eat something quick and then start your day off fast.


3. Eggs with toast. This breakfast was a favorite during school when I had a big test. It’s nice and filling so you won’t be craving a snack a few hours into your day. However, the meal is still light enough that you won’t start feeling groggy an hour or so after eating.

What is your favorite way to kick-start your morning?

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