Sustaining a Healthy Lifestyle on Vacation

The other week I went on a short vacation and visited my friends over Homecoming weekend back at my university. My main goal for the vacation was to maintain, as best I could, the healthy lifestyle I have at home. While I wasn’t as successful as I had hoped to be, I definitely learned some things I’m going to put into practice the next time I’m taking a vacation!

Yoga on the Beach WIDE

  1. Make time for daily rituals. Whether your daily ritual is yoga and meditation in the morning, a gym workout in the afternoon, or a quiet mug of tea as the sun rises, make time for these things. However, don’t be so strict that your ritual becomes a burden! Allow for some adjustment to your rituals in your new environment. Maybe you share your tea with a friend instead of sitting in silence, maybe you do a body weight workout if you don’t have access to a gym. Whatever it happens to be, do you best to still fit in the healthy habits you have at home.
  2. Stick to your diet. It’s really easy to want to let your diet take a backseat when you are on vacation. You might be going places with food that is tempting yet unhealthy or staying with friends and would rather order a pizza instead of cook something. Try to find a balance that works for you. Allow some “fun” meals like delivery pizza or extra cookies for dessert. However, try to make sure you are still eating some good wholesome foods. That way when you get home you won’t have guilt but will have enjoyed some treats while you were away.
  3. Enjoy! Above all vacations should be a time for you to have fun and relax. Don’t let the lifestyle you have at home become a burden while you are away. Let yourself be flexible and let your lifestyle enrich your experience. Share a new recipe with friends who might not maintain the same diet you do, find a cool spot outdoors to practice yoga, or try a juice bar that looks unique! Having a healthy lifestyle should always be fun, even when you are on vacation!

What do you do on vacation to maintain your lifestyle?


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