All About Salt Lamps

I was recently gifted a salt lamp when I went home to Minnesota for a few days. I was very excited about the gorgeous gift, but didn’t actually know what salt lamps were for. So I went home and did some research and this is what I found.


Salt lamps produce negative ions which neutralize positive ions and purify the air (1). They do this by attaching onto the positive ions, making them too heavy to stay in the air and thus falling onto the floor (2). These ions can then be cleaned up in your regular dusting/vacuuming of the room. Negative ions are things like mold and bacteria in the air. In addition, they are also produced by the various electronic devices we use so frequently (1).

In contrast, negative ions are abundant in nature. This is why we feel so refreshed after taking a walk, going for a swim, or just relaxing in a park. On the other hand, our indoor spaces are deficient in negative ions.Hence the reason why many people buy indoor plants to purify the air inside their homes. Salt lamps have the same effects as plants or an open window in your home. They purify your air and help you feel less groggy after sitting inside after a long day (3).

Do you use salt lamps?


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