Freedom and Fear


Have you ever felt so much fear for a situation that you wouldn’t try it? For me that situation was driving. I’ve had my licence since I was 16, but driving anywhere that required major highways was too far for me to go alone. Any time I was asked to make a drive that included interstates, I chickened out. I would ask my friends to drive to me , I made my parents come with me places so they would drive and I wouldn’t have to, anything so I wouldn’t have to drive on major highways.

Despite my fear, I recently found that I was going to have to make a big trip alone. My cousin got married a few weeks ago and I decided that it would be easier to drive home compared to flying. While I was driving through Illinois and Wisconsin I started to think about the definitions of freedom and fear.

Freedom can be defined as the ease or facility of movement or action.

Fear can be defined as something that causes feelings of apprehension or dread.

For me, driving on major highways was a source of immense apprehension. I have always loved the idea of road trips; driving across different states and seeing all the beauty that our world offers. However, my freedom to take these trips was hindered since I was so afraid of driving.

Driving to and from Minnesota made me realize that all my fear surrounding driving was groundless. I made the drive perfectly and saw some beautiful places along the way. For six years I had let my fear interrupt my desire for the freedom of the open road. I know now that won’t happen again. I am already itching to get on the road again and go somewhere new!

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